The Selling Well Process

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The Selling Well Process
The Selling Well Process

After conducting a thorough business audit to align marketing with organization-wide goals, priorities, and necessities, The Selling Well conducts a series of in-depth interviews with key marketing stakeholders: The business owner or managing executive; key collaborators; and clients with whom communication is approved.

Simultaneously, The Selling Well conducts market research to define the environment in which the client conducts business. Taking both internal company factors and external environmental factors into account, The Selling Well clearly defines the client’s sustainable competitive advantage.


Keeping this sustainable competitive advantage in mind, The Selling Well crafts a strategic marketing plan designed to bolster brand identity and to yield a compelling set of messages laser targeted at the clients’ most profitable market segments.

Then, relying upon expertise in the internet, radio, TV, advertising, marketing, and writing fields, The Selling Well works within budget to deliver (through The Service Well) these messages to the clients’ future customers through a blend of traditional and digital media optimized to maximize return on marketing investment.

Complimentary Review

Complimentary Review

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