Strategic Planning

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Superior strategic plans spring from the simultaneous use of functional quantitative tools and highly original thought.


Strategic Planning offering:

  • Situational Assessment
  • Identification of Core Competencies
  • Alignment, Allocation and Strategic Planning 
  • Implementation and Continual Renewal 

Situational Assessment

Through the application of proprietary discovery tools and techniques, workshops, key stakeholder interviews, surveys, custom information forms, and research and analysis, The Selling Well helps organizations understand their market, their true capabilities, and their organizational structure.

Deliverable: A written document outlining an organization's present state and financial projections based on a maintenance of the status quo with regards offerings, organizational structure, and target markets.

Identification of Core Competencies and Opportunities 

After conducting industry trend and competitive analysis, The Selling Well draws on knowledge gained from the situational assessment to help organizations determine which of their competencies are core and which are not. Based on an organization's core competencies, the reality of the dynamic market, and outputs from a series of business modeling exercises, The Selling Well helps organizations choose the most attractive opportunities to pursue.

Deliverable: A written document identifying an organization's core competencies, containing industry trend and competitive analysis, NPV analysis on a set of opportunities, and a recommendation as to which of these opportunities ought be pursued.

Strategic Planning, Alignment, and Allocation

The Selling Well helps organizations define their vision and mission and outlines the necessary resource allocation, operational capability, and organizational structure best suited to successfully pursuing the identified opportunities.

Deliverable: An action oriented strategic plan. 

Implementation and Continual Renewal 

The Selling Well helps organizations implement strategic plans with project management, strategic marketing planning, branding, digital marketing, and advertising. Yet implementation is not the end. The highest functioning organizations continually tinker with their strategic plans, adding and deleting initiatives, and learning from the dynamic market. 



Complimentary Review

Complimentary Review

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