Chief Marketing Officer

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Instead of hiring a CMO or Director of Marketing, hire The Selling Well for the price of a Marketing Manager.


We’ll invest your substantial salary savings into custom initiatives designed to deepen the relationships you have with existing customers, attract the right new customers, and integrate your sales and marketing efforts such that they reinforce and support, rather than compete against, each other.

Whether overseeing the development of an effective CRM program, creating a laser-targeted ad-campaign, or conducting sales-training, The Selling Well’s CMO service is your best solution for sales-driving, strategic marketing.

CMO Service Includes:

  1. Strategic Business Audit.
  2. Create and update a Strategic Marketing Plan based on The Selling Well Process. This plan guides all marketing efforts from creating a value proposition to developing ads.
  3. Implement this plan through The Service Well.
  4. Manage and hire your marketing personnel.
  5. Manage your marketing department.
  6. Provide Strategic Business Advice.


Complimentary Review

Complimentary Review

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