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The Selling Well Launches Digital Marketing Story Blog

Baltimore - December 28, 2009

The Selling Well is proud to launch its Digital Marketing Story Blog covering digital marketing and illustrating how it is significantly more similar to traditional marketing than most "expert" would suggest. Reached in sunny Tuscany-Canterbury Baltimore, The Selling Well's Managing Partner, Plato Hieronimus waxed on the importance of sound strategy in designing any business growth or marketing campaign, "Gimmicks and technology tools alone do not help owners and executives grow their businesses," Plato asserted. "Businesses grow," he continued, "...because the goods and services they sell are intelligently brought to market. To intelligently bring a good or a service to market, a firm needs to understand its real financial, capability, offering, and reputation positions in the marketplace. A firm needs to understand it's story relative to competitors and in the minds of buyers and employees."

Asked to elaborate, Plato deepened his explanation, "To understand its story, a firm needs to grasp what it does well or poorly, where new growth opportunities lie, to whom the firm is selling and to whom it would be most profitable to sell, what is driving buyer purchase decisions, how does all this effect product development or service lines, how capable the firm and its suppliers are of meeting increased demand. It is my goal to utilize this blog to provide better focus for business owners and executives charged with growing their firms. Understanding one's own story is not easy. It takes a lot of work. But it is the surest way of succeeding in a dynamic marketplace."


Based in Baltimore, MD, The Selling Well builds or manages truly strategic, sales-driving, marketing departments for established, new and small, and distressed businesses nationwide. The Selling Well also proudly serves nonprofit and government agencies. The well is one of our greatest symbols of prosperity: your prosperity is our singular goal.


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Complimentary Review

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